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  1. Our latest single Soldiers is now available to stream via Spotify or even still you can buy our single on iTunes or at


  2. L I O N H A L L // Bernicia Festival // 4th August 2013


  3. Electronic Waves


  4. The guys at Independent Music News kindly added us to their list for 50 Unsigned/Independent Bands to discover in August, check it out, loads of great bands are listed!


  5. Thank you to Dont Need No Melody for their kind words about our forthcoming single Soldiers which will be released through Tiny Lights  on the 26th August 2013 via all major digital platforms and on CD format. You can read and listen about Soldiers here







  10. We are pleased to announce that Soldiers will be our new single which will be released on Tiny Lights on the 26th August 2013 via digital streaming and on CD. For now, head along to the link below to hear Soldiers: